It is your chance to make beautiful decorate your flat, wall as your personality whisper to do it. Beauty and specialty at every days, at every place. 

here can find Wonderful ornaments, nice motives, from the classic style to the mondern design, and more, we can do what you wish, can produce unique, personal patterns just only for you.  … please be patient a little bit, we start manufacturing at the end of oktober november … info@wallmee.hu


Again the discerning fashion wall. The nice painted wall. We offer you all the things to do it, as the many patterned paint rollers for the rooms, the wall paint stencils and the wall stickers for smaller surfaces. If you like exclusive things and styles, then here is the world new thing, the wall pronting, to wonder any colorful pictures before your eyes. wallmee we are. 

Patterned paint roller, wall paint roller, wall sticker, wall paint stencil products. Huge range of patterns, ornaments, of paint rollers, wall stickers, wall stencils. Standard and own shapes, patterns, figures, ornaments. Design products for wall paint decoration.







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Custom home decorating, creative options, imagination, a world first, this wall digital printing services wallprinting . On-site wallprinting. Color illustrations, drawings, color images whatever size, beautiful design, excellent quality. The wallprinting a decorative solution with which particular individual will be flat. Exclusive apartment wallprinting equal.

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Small patterns, local embellishment recommended the creation of wall stickers, wall painting and the use of stencils. The wall stickers simple, quick solution, simply smooth wall should be and can be affixed. wall stickers. Just be good quality, care should be taken. Back TAKE can not bring the paint can. Fast, cheap, simple, this wall sticker advantage. Made of thin plastic film. Special quality products to transfer stickers and transfer wall stickers. It’s a breath of thin ink film, which provides a smoother, more special felüleletet the liner goes directly to the wall, and even the painting as well. Transfer Wall Sticker. On request, the model is unique, and any images, graphics are achievable with it. WALL DECAL TRANSFER

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