Once upon a time …

… Once upon a time, where were you, where you were not, but it sure was few craftsmen who made patterned painting roller cylinders by hand work.That time the wall pattern painting was the general fashion style, it was the opportunity to decorate the walls, making the homes more beautiful …

Times had changed, you’re going to paint a modern place, dispersion, plastic-based paints, had come the wallpapers in place, the masters retreated, the rubber cylinders have been in the shed.

Then the years passed, better and better, new decorative techniques were born, and again began to come into fashion for the discerning, home decorative, beautiful wall, the special solution. Some interior designers and experimental amateur found few of old pattern paint rollers in the chamber. Then tried those and liked the results. According to today’s world, they made photos, uploaded, and wrote about it on his blog.

The times, the fashions, and people can change, and maybe it’s good the way it is. The old masters were replaced by new people come who are carrying on what the ancients knew and new ones are added to the new values. Today we explore this wall painting technique again, but right now fetékekkel, more diverse, more creative solutions and special effects. Walls and not only walls.

We have lots of different samples to choose from, so every man’s personality can be matched, according to his style. Those who want to realize their dreams of shapes and colors of objects and walls to see, we can also help, because the independently or jointly drawn, with its own unique pattern also can be prepared for him.

We would like to accommodate space of ideas, experiences, questions, methods and results are related to the creative paint roller decoration of the apartments. We are welcome everyone who is doing something on this field, like professionals, room painters, designers, and of course, the enthusiastic amateurs. The workers, the experimenters, the players.

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